About us

The story of our company

The bedrock for our company was laid in 1975 when professor Paloheimo took his family for a year long round the world trip. Based on his experiences and observations he wrote his first book on the emerging challenges our environment is facing.

Since 1975 Eero Paloheimo has worked as a MP, a professor and environmental activist and written many books and articles on what we should be doing to save our planet. His key message has been that survival is possible through wise development and use of technology.

Eero's son Pekka went on the 1975 trip at age 8. Since then he has worked as a successful management consultant and developed his own forward thinking about our global problems. In 2009 Eero and Pekka with three other experts founded Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd.

Since then the company has designed and carried out ambitious and unique smartcity concepts to China and Finland, been nominated for the Katerva award, done climate effect analysis of urban plans for all major Finnish cities and most importantly, developed a SaaS that will help urban planners around the world to save the planet.

Key people

Here are some of our experts.

Pekka Paloheimo

CEO, Member of board, Partner

Pekka Paloheimo is one of the founders of the company. Previously he has worked as a consultant, sales director and a freelance journalist among other things. Just before Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd he worked as a senior consultant in Mercuri International Ltd where he helped customers from different business fields to develop their management and sales processes. Pekka Paloheimo is Eero's son and has grown up with the theory of Ecocity. He also has an extraordinary connection to the global ecology; he has cycled from Nordkapp to Gibraltar, from Los Angeles to New York and walked across the Australian continent.

Phone: +358 40 8439729

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ecocity.fi

Terhi J Vapola

Member of board

Dr Terhi J Vapola is an experienced international business executive, with proven track record in managing businesses and driving growth through board work. Her experience spans from high tech start-ups and growth companies to venture capital and corporate venturing. A startup that she co-founded won the coveted Red Herring Europe and Red Dot Design awards. She has also worked as a managing director of a VC firm. Vapola strengthens Eero Paloheimo Ecocity's board with profound understanding of SaaS business model, digitalisation and international growth.

Phone: +358 40 8036407

E-mail: terhi (a) vvholding.fi

John D Philips

Member of board

John Philips has had distinguished international career building businesses and brands across the global beverage industry. His senior roles have included SVP Global Brand Director at Bacardi, Managing Director EMEA at Fosters Group and Regional Managing Director Latin America for DIAGEO. Between 2010 and 2013 John acted as Chairman at Bodegas LAN, a medium sized Spanish winery, where he led the development and successful sale of the business. Since 2008, John has led a number of international consulting and business turnaround assignments with a focus on growth strategy and business development.  He is currently Chairman of the Powerful Water Company and a Board Member at JoGoGo, a Canadian SaaS company. John Philips holds an MBA (with Distinction) from INSEAD.


E-mail: jdp.ltd (a) gmail.com

Eero Paloheimo

Member of board, Senior advisor (Urban ecology), Partner

Professor Eero Paloheimo is one of the pioneers of the theory of an Ecocity. He has written several books and many articles on environmental issues and the future prospects. Paloheimo has worked as a designer, been a member of the Finnish Parliament and as a University professor as well as an advisor in many Ecocity projects. Paloheimo supports EPECC with his profound knowledge of urban ecology.

Phone: +358 50 5112714

E-mail: ekpaloheimo (a) hotmail.com

Aleksi Heikkilä

Environmental specialist

Aleksi Heikkilä (M. Sc.) has graduated from Aalto University where he studied water and environmental engineering. He specializes in storm water management, water supply, waste disposal and environmental law. He has also worked as a planner in public sector which has helped him to become familiar with regional planning and zoning.

Phone: +358 40 7175938

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ecocity.fi

Eero Valtonen

Land development specialist

Eero Valtonen has a M.Sc. (Tech.) degree from Aalto University’s Real Estate Economics program. Currently, he is doing a PhD in the Real Estate Research Group of Aalto University focusing on the implementation and financing of large-scale urban development projects from municipal perspective. Eero specializes in the analysis of the land-use plans’ financial impacts and the risk management of the land development process.

Phone: +358 40 7437015

E-mail: firstname.lastname@ecocity.fi

Elina Inkiläinen

Environmental specialist

Elina Inkiläinen is a M.Sc. in Agriculture and Forestry with vast experience in scientific research. In Eero Paloheimo Ecocity she has worked among other things with different GIS analyses and mapping and visualization projects. Her areas of expertise include urban ecosystem services, stormwater management and forest ecology. Previously she has worked for the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE) in an ecosystem services project.


E-mail: firstname.lastname@ecocity.fi