Cleantech goes Digital at Salo

Our visit to Salo

We attended the event organized by Team Finland and the City of Salo 9.2.2016. The program and published presentations can be found from the link below: Cleantech goes digital

We were fully booked with meetings and thus couldn’t hear all the presentations. It was anyhow thrilling to feel the hype. There were over 700 professionals following the prestigious panel discussion where our service, The Ecocity Evaluator was mentioned. Dr. Tero Ojanperä said that it is a fine example on how digitalization and Cleantech can connect.

Also in conversations with several investors and possible partners it was once again encouraging to see how people reacted to my presentation about our service. We most definitely are on the right track.

Cheering is nice, but even more valuable is the advice and the development ideas you get when chatting with your peers. From this Salo meeting I got at least one very valuable tip from a landuse planner I’ve known for years. Without this event, he wouldn’t have called me, nor would I have called him.

All this digitalization is fine and necessary, as long as we don’t forget to meet each other also physically. Having interesting face to face conversations with other experts is absolutely priceless.

As Salo is one of the cities that have suffered most from the depression and lost so many jobs via first Nokia and then Microsoft, it felt good to see how there are good vibes in the air. I’m glad I had the possibility to shortly thank and encourage Mr. Antti Rantakokko, the Mayor of Salo.

Pekka Paloheimo