A tool for planning smarter cities.

Ecocity Evaluator helps authorities, urban planners and developers to find the most cost-effective way to plan and build sustainable cities.

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Evaluate the carbon footprint of your urban plans

-No more external reviews

Integrate both economical and environmental sustainability evaluations into your urban planning process. Add the reports to your plans for decision making or simply use Evaluator as one of the tools to guide the planning.

-Accurate, fast and intuitive

Set up your urban planning project and within minutes you will have a good idea of how your planning choices affect the environmental and economical impacts.

Choose your own timeframe and scenarios

-Next 5 years or 50 years?

Evaluator® planning framework makes it possible to evaluate both the emissions and the costs, both year by year and cumulatively up to a chosen timeframe.

-Work with precalculated predictive algorithms

Choose from different energy production and traffic development scenarios to obtain results of direct costs and environmental impacts of the living city you are planning. Compare with other scenarios and see the difference.

Web-based. Easy to use.

-Cross platform enabled

Simply start Evaluator® SaaS in the web browser you are already using.

-Full customer support

Need something? No worries. Our customer support will help you.

Who is it for?

-Urban planners

If you are working with urban planning, you now have a tool to evaluate and compare the most significant impacts of different urban planning choices.

-Students and universities

Evaluator® is a perfect tool to view and learn the different aspects and costs of urban planning and living choices.

-Cleantech companies

Do you think your products or solutions save money and/or the environment when used in urban structure? Don't hesitate to contact us and we will install them in to our system. Let us spread the word!

-Urban developers

With Evaluator® you can calculate the actual costs and effects of developing a specific site. The interaction with authorities will thus be easier and decision making faster.

These organizations are changing the world. And they have contributed to the development of Ecocity Evaluator®.