Is your solution smart?

Smartcities arise from smart solutions.

Smartcity is an urban community that uses the most suitable products and technological solutions to be as sustainable and cost effective as possible.


Materials can be smart in different ways: They can be produced with fewer emissions or produced locally, have an energy saving quality, be easily recyclable or a little bit of all of these with a competitive price.


There are a wide range of suitable products from a sewage system valve to a complete house with heat pumps and solar panels in it. Suitability of the product depends on how much emissions and/or costs it reduces compared to an equivalent standard product.


Lightning, heating, cooling, traffic… Nowadays basically everything can be measured and managed by smart digital systems.

What is in it for Cleantech companies?

We can and will install any kind of smart materials, products and solutions in to our Ecocity Evaluator SaaS as long as we are convinced that they fit our criteria. We evaluate the effects ourselves as we are responsible for the results the service will show. Our target is to get all significant stakeholders involved in our service.


The information value of our service is substantial and increases along with the frequency of use. Users see online what is happening in city planning all over the world. This gives locally and globally involved cleantech companies a competitive edge: The ability to be at the right place at the right time.

Sales tool

It is very useful for any cleantech company to be able to show the effect of their products and solutions to the emissions and/or costs in a built environment. If the environmental and economic impacts of your product have not yet been evaluated, we will do this before installing them in to the service.


Our service has many uses for different kinds of stakeholders. This is why it is a strong marketing channel whether one wishes to reach clients, recruits, distributors or other kinds of partners.


One of our most important and ambitious objectives is to unite all the significant stakeholders in the urban development scene with our service. A new world wide network of contacts will evolve. Especially those that would not have been realized by any other means.