How does Evaluator work?

Setting up your project

Log in, start your urban planning project and get the first results within minutes.

-Define an area

Start your project by choosing a planning area you are going to work with.

-Add buildings

You can choose from actual buildings modeled into Evaluator® or modify the buildings to suit your needs. Our algorithms will take into account the whole life cycle of the buildings, from construction and maintenance to demolition.

-Quick results with default values

All you have to do is choose your buildings and then use our pre-calculated regional default values and predictive algorithms to immediately see the costs and emissions for your project.

Define other planning factors

For more profound evaluation define other planning factors to match your planning area’s characteristics.

-Cleantech solutions

By modifying the buildings you can see how the latest cleantech products and solutions in the market affect energy use and GHG emissions.

-Choose Infrastructure

Infrastructure forms the foundation and veins of a living city from road networks to water supply and sewage systems.

-Land use

Evaluator® will calculate the GHG emissions of turning the planned area into an urban zone.

Compare future scenarios


What is the best energy solution for your area? Choose the existing or planned energy production methods for your urban plan. You can also compare different future scenarios for energy production.


Private car, bus or underground? Choose from different methods of organizing traffic and logistics. As with energy, you can also choose and compare future scenarios.

Working with your data

After the initial setup there are numerous ways you can use Evaluator® to achieve the results you want

-Compare development sites

Find the most feasible area for development from multiple options by using the same criteria.

-Compare different ways of developing a specific location

Choose one specific urban site and test the costs, efficiency and GHG emissions of different ways of developing the site.

-Future scenario modelling

Create different long term energy consumption, cost and GHG emission scenarios.

The results

The core of Evaluator® is the instant provision of direct costs and GHG emissions of your planning choices. You can use Evaluator® to share and publish the reports or simply as one of the tools to guide your planning process.

Clear results

Get clear and concise reports of your plans for decision making and discussion. GHG emissions are shown year by year and as a cumulative overall result.

Public sector expense prediction

The fully localized Evaluator will give an estimate of the direct expenses of public spending required to complete the plan.

Publish and share your results with the urban planning community

Share your plans with other urban planners around the world. Compare different urban planning solutions used in different countries. Could the same thing work in your plan also?