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Direct contact:
Pekka Paloheimo
Phone: +358 40 8439729

FAQs & Supports

  • What countries does Ecocity Evaluator SaaS cover?

    Ecocity Evaluator is a global SaaS but some of the data that Evaluator uses may need to be amended locally in order to meet specific local requirements. Wondering if your country is covered? Just ask us and will let you know!

  • How does it work?

    You can book a private demonstration via the "Ask for demo" button and we will show you how Evaluator works.

  • How can I get Ecocity Evaluator SaaS?

    Please contact us either via e-mail, phone or using the contact form on this page. In the near future the service will be available for purchase directly through our web page.

  • Do I have to install Ecocity Evaluator on my computer?

    No installation is necessary! Ecocity Evaluator is a software as a service (SaaS) which means that once you have registered as a user you can simply log on to the service via internet on any computer you are using.