Case Example: Mentougou Eco-valley

The Mentougou Eco-valley was designed to combine ecological living and research with a self-sufficient system. The Eco-valley combines the best practices of Chinese and western research, culture and economy. The Eco-valley is also a major tourist attraction.

The corner stones of the Eco-valley are: 1. Self-sufficiency in water and energy supply, 2. Effective recycling of nutrients, 3. Ecological traffic: bicycles, electric trams and cars and short distances for everyday functions, 4. Environmental well-being through science and innovation involving nine research institutes, 5. Healthy environment and economic growth.

The valley is located 40 km north-west of Beijing. The project included: A regional plan; A land use plan; A plan for self-sufficient energy and water supply; A plan for a recycling system and a traffic plan. In addition, EPECC delivered operational plans, with visual renderings, for nine science and research institutes.