New members in the team and a subsidiary!

Our team has grown with new members and we also have a subsidiary now!

It is my privilege to present new members of our team. The current board has now three members and a deputy. Dr. Terhi Vapola and Mr. John Philips are both real heavy weights when it comes to accelerating international growth of a startup. Having these top professionals with us will unquestionably help us achieve our ambitious global targets. I will continue as a chairman of the board and Eero Paloheimo shall still help us on scientific and ideological questions as a deputy board member and a senior advisor. I am also happy to introduce Mr. Eero Valtonen. Eero is an expert of the land-use plans’ financial impacts and the risk management of the land development process. Currently he is finalizing his PhD in Aalto University but has already on the side given a strong contribution to the Ecocity Evaluator development and obviously will continue on developing the financial corner of our excellent SaaS. You can find out more about our key people in "About us".

We have also registered our first subsidiary ECOCITY PLANNING UK LTD, which shall be responsible for the marketing and sales of the Ecocity Evaluator in the markets of UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA.

Last, but most definitely not least, I wish to thank all our existing and potential new customers for the welcome of the Ecocity Evaluator. It has been thrilling to see how enthusiastic the market is. 

28th of February 2017 in Helsinki
Pekka Paloheimo
Epecci Oy (Oy Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd)