Stronger Evaluator and first international clients!

We are happy to announce the Ecocity Evaluator (EE) 2.0 is now ready and in use. We made some improvements our customers had been asking for and significantly strengthened the economic evaluation functions. Now it is possible to get the annual cashflow analysis of the planning project for the whole project timeframe. Also, I am very happy to say that majority of our first existing EE customers decided to continue their usage of EE after the first year and we get new customers all the time. For those who wish not use our SaaS themselves, we still offer economic and climate impact analysis with very competitive price and fast delivery. Our first localized version of EE is also ready and we have received very enthusiastic feedback from the Dutch urban planning community. Thus it`s safe to say we will have our first international SaaS clients before summer! Please find us also in   

For more information, contact our CEO Pekka Paloheimo (+358 40 8439729) or for booking a demonstration for our SaaS