Ecocity Evaluator Users, Part I: Urban Planner

Ecocity Evaluator can be used for example by urban planners, authorities, developers, students and teachers. This is the first post in our mini blog series about different types of Ecocity Evaluator users.

Ecocity Evaluator Users, Part I: Urban Planner

Uwe the Urban Planner has a problem. He needs to evaluate the climate impacts of his brand new urban plans and he doesn’t know how to. Uwe doesn’t want to pay “big bucks” for environmental consultants and he wants results quickly. Luckily there is a solution: Ecocity Evaluator! With Ecocity Evaluator Uwe can make the evaluations himself. It’s so easy and fast to use that Uwe can’t believe it’s even real, and it’s inexpensive as well. Wait till the co-workers hear about this!

Problem solved, Uwe is happy!

The primary users for Ecocity Evaluator are urban planners. Because of climate change cities and municipalities have an increasing need to analyze the climate impacts of their urban plans. Previously this work has been done by environmental consultants and it’s been time consuming and expensive. Now the public sector has to find savings where ever it’s possible. This is where digitalization and Ecocity Evaluator come in.

With Ecocity Evaluator urban planners can evaluate the environmental and economic impacts of their plans. Evaluator takes into account all the essential sectors of urban development: buildings, infrastructure, energy, transport, consumer profiles and land use change. The tool provides the possibility to compare different planning choices and helps planners to make better decisions. Ecocity Evaluator is so simple and fast to use that basic evaluations can be made for example during a meeting.