We are now offering economic assessment of land use plans!

We are constantly developing Ecocity Evaluator - our tool for evaluating climate and economic impacts of land use plans- and, at the moment, we focus especially on developing the economy section of Evaluator. As part of the development we are now offering more in depth economic assessment of land use plans as an additional service. For current users of Ecocity Evaluator and for new customers purchasing Evaluator we offer it with a significant discount. Our assessment supports decision making with economic comparison of different development scenarios and fulfills the requirements of Finnish Land Use and Building Act. The scope and cost of the assessment depends on the number of scenarios examined and on the scope of the analysis and reports.

For more information, contact our CEO Pekka Paloheimo (+358 40 8439729) or our land development specialist Eero Valtonen (+358 40 7437015).