We create smarter sustainable cities

Eero Paloheimo Ecocity Ltd. is a consulting company focused on urban sustainability. We help communities to design and build cost efficient and sustainable urban environments.

We design smartcity concepts and evaluate emissions and costs of urban plans. And even more, we’ve created an Ecocity Evaluator SaaS with which anyone can make these evaluations by themselves.

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News & Views

  • 12.3.2018

    Stronger Evaluator and first international clients!

    We are happy to announce the Ecocity Evaluator (EE) 2.0 is now ready and in use. We made some improvements our customers had been asking for and significantly strengthened the economic evaluation functions.

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  • 10.5.2017

    We are now offering economic assessment of land use plans!

    As part of the constant development of Ecocity Evaluator we are now offering more in depth economic assessment of land use plans as an additional service.

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  • 28.2.2017

    New members in the team and a subsidiary!

    Please welcome our new team members and a subsidiary for UK.

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Ecocity Evaluator

Ecocity Evaluator helps authorities, urban planners and developers to find the most cost-effective way to plan and build sustainable cities.

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